Six Years

Its exactly Six years today, since I started my engineering studies in JIIT Noida. It also shall count as exactly six years since JIIT started out. We being the first batch were there are the inaugral day….

I still remember the first lecture of Mathematics I by professor Bani Singh in the LT-1(Lecture Hall 1), it was so different to see classes happening on PPTs and slides, it was so different to see people from all parts of the country at the same place. It was so different to make new friends, to start a new chapter….

…life has changed so much since then, so many people whom i knew back then are living lives far different from mine. I hope they all are fine.


3 thoughts on “Six Years

  1. Ya, first day it was announced that next day will be holiday and when some of us turned up (that day I first met Rathi) J.P. Gupta scolded us for not staying back to hear his instructions!

    And one more thing, I always used to expect to see Lecture Hall getting plastered and painted when I came back from vacations, which never happened 🙂

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