Oopsy! Am I Invisible?

Yeah, didn’t you know that? I am invisible to people, who don’t want to see me 🙂

Hasn’t it happened to you too? People whom you knew/know suddenly don’t notice you even when you are right there two feets away from them? Happens with me all the time, makes me uneasy about not being noticed.

Don’t we all love attention? Atleast I do.

Now one amongst you blog readers, who knows me personally is doing this for a while now. Just one line for you:

I noticed that you didn’t notice me, and that hurts, just because you matter!


3 thoughts on “Oopsy! Am I Invisible?

  1. Yeah! All living soul seeks for attention. And it surely fels unpleasant when someone makes you feel “invisible”. As if the donkey in Shrek 1 shouting out “mee…mee..mee..” and Shrek purposefully ignores him.

    I can imagine only one clan of people who would not want attention and those would be the thieves, thugs and particularly anyone just before doing anything evil.

  2. Need not to think like that. You are always important for someone, hardly matter he or she is talking with you or not.

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