For how long?

I am sure this has been complained and blogged about before. But, I just had to talk about it! I realised that its over 3 years since I have been using Gmail, and 2 years since I have been using Gtalk.

Wonder of wonders! They were Beta then and they are Beta Now! I wonder what happened to the various stages of software release life cycle? Well, so again I refer to Wikipedia and reach this page: 

Well, even people contributing to Wiki are also complaining, is this a cute smart way to avoid support, or does G00gle perptually plan to keep Gtalk, Fr00gle, Gmail and Orkut in Beta for another few years? Also, now the same cool GMail and GTalk interface seems quite bland to me….its getting boring. What about some themes and stuff?

Is anyone at G00gle thinking?


One thought on “For how long?

  1. Yes this is the problem which we are talking from last an year or so. Actually this is a bad policy, don’t know Google is cooking something big behind the screen.

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