Chak De India

Yups, I did manage to find some time out for a movie, and it was the new SRK starrer ‘Chak De India’. Getting on the final feel of it, i actually liked the movie, and would suggest people to go for it.

Now to the movie, first of all…its a movie without any song and dance sequence, no heroine per se, and just one person SRK who gets the maximum airtime.

It shows all aspects of team formation, norming and performing based on the true story of a previous indian hockey player Negi’s life. Do not compare it with Lagaan in terms of role play, but it surely has its own share of magic moments. The second half of the movie focuses on the Women’s Hockey team’s participation in the Hockey World Cup. It has been shot very well, with the audience and the gameplay seeming very very authentic.

At times I did get a feeling that they may have been inspired by ‘Remember the Titans’, but it is definitely not a rip-off. I returned home with a feel good feeling where the underdog beats the champion….and for a change it was India in sports winning!

On a serious note, I realised that I didnt even know simple hockey rules, and maybe this movie shall evoke some interest in the official National Sport of India.


One thought on “Chak De India

  1. To add to whatever u have written , I would say the movie definitely made me feel very proud…It is a beautiful movie and the makers avoided making a melodrama out of patriotic feelings as is usually done.Loved shahrukh in the movie absolutely !especially after almost hating him in kank, this was a nice and refreshing change !

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