Dell’s Hell

A couple of months ago I wrote about the BSOD error on my Dell Inspiron 1501. However, I didn’t give any follow up write up on it. It is still not resolved, and Dell’s Service Support has really really disappointed me.

I understand that while this error may be faced by no more than 1% of consumers, but then I am not happy. Its more than 6 times I have already reported the error and the responses have either not come back at all or have been way below expectations.

The first response was to do Diagnostic myself, which showed no error. Then they didn’t reply to a couple of my mails, then they sent a guy to re-install Windows Vista, and within an hour of the re-install the BSOD was back in full force.

Then I again reported them, and they ended up sending the engineer to my address in Bangalore, despite being informed that I am in Pune now! Then I was told to mail logs to their special techinal team, which again did not reply.

I again sent a hard hitting mail, and was told to re-install OS myself (third time re-install since I got this laptop). Which I did, and Pop! the problem is still there. I have again sent the event logs and minidumps to them 3 days ago, and am waiting a reply…the loop begins again!

Sorry Dell, but not everything’s well with my Laptop since the first day! I hope you realise that one unhappy customer can propogate a lot of bad sentiment.


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