So friendship day is here again. No power since 7 PM, my lappy is crying for energy now!

Here’s something I scribbled in the Economics lecture today, it doesn’t have a title yet…and so the blog post name.

No matter how hard I try,
I still have to cry.

Acting happy is a lie
for false emotions always die

Although I believe in moving on
I still cling to what has already gone.

Its the past which one cannot change,
the fickleness of my mind is very strange.


4 thoughts on “Untitled1.txt

  1. Hi Ankur,
    Happen to check ur blogs after a long time.

    Happen to go thru during one of the meetings which never ends.

    What else, Nitin has quit accenture and joined Birla soft.
    Me I am back in sept, at last out of compulsion had to go for a digital camera, SD 850 costing me 401$. Details u can find in the site.

    I checked those snaps and hardly u were there in few snaps.
    U looks stressed. I suggest u to relax and enjoy.

    Theres a old saying in IITs, When the rape is inevitable, then lie down and enjoy!!!!!

    1. Change the topic of the last topic from untitled to something good.

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