Bad Bad Mind

In sooth I do not know why I am so sad, it wearies me; you say it wearies you…’

I am sure this line by the bard of Avon is favorite amongst bloggers, and I am not being any different. It was an odd day, a big strong boy like me ended up weeping on my walk back to the hostel at 11 PM. To top it, there is no specific issue to be so unhappy about! Or maybe, there is something in the sub-conscious, I hope Freud could explain that.

All I can do is make guesses about this particular mood swing of mine, maybe its got to do with things I want to but am not able to, or may its an expectation mismatch, or its just plain and simple lack of fun….

Make a guess, anybody?


5 thoughts on “Bad Bad Mind

  1. Have you considered one of the moods disorders? For those of us lucky (?) enough to have the genetic predisposition, quite often it expresses itself during our college years or soon after.

    It could, of course, just be a bad day; but if these mood swings happen often, you may want to book up on bi-polar disorder and major (or clinical) depression.

    And don’t worry about the stigma. I think it is deadlier than the disease, as it delays or even prevents medical intervention in a very treatable disease.

  2. Ah give little time to yourself, things will be fine back 🙂 and enjoy man as we used to do here. God bless you


  3. Hey Ankur..

    Words of appreciation for you..

    Everybody goes thru these phases but nobdy dares to admit ..

    U did it .. and overcame it ..

    Just Go on full Blow and lev the rest ..

    I assure you .. Nobody dies of hardwork ..

    Best Wishes

  4. I am sorry Dheeraj, but I must strongly disagree with your last statement: people do die of hard work. I nearly did, but fortunately I flamed out in a Honda with air-bags everywhere. When you work too hard, especially because you are trying to define yourself through your work, life begins to lose meaning as all of the relationships you built in earlier years begin to loosen, then fall away. And, it is in our relationships that we find meaning. Even if you follow the Karma Sutra, you cannot fail to recognize the danger of working too much.
    -A burned out executive in search of something more

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