What evokes memories in your mind? Similar events? What if the events are not similar, you still get memories. What I may have written above may sound haywire, but all I want to reflect is the sudden flashes of past coming to my mind. No, this isnt about happy or sad events of the past but just random flashes of things like days at school, days at college, memories of bangalore and none of them actually referring to an event, just how used to have coffee at JIIT or how i used to return home from school on a cycle or such things…

I cannot understand why is this happening moreover I have no idea what shall be the interpretation of it all.


4 thoughts on “Flashback

  1. do we always have to find reasons why things happen?

    can we not just let things happen without questioning?

    can we not settle for a simple reason that things happen because it is meant to happen?

    life would be more peaceful & less stressful if we believe things happen for a reason.

  2. i seem to have the same case, i just let myself enjoy those random flashes and ponder on them!

    i often do think can a smell or something something….. trigger these memories?

    enjoy the memory flashback

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