The Marketer

Never had it happened before in any of the classes of my 22 years of education…yet it happened in a B School, one of the most inhuman of all places. I am referring to the last lecture on Marketing Management by our professor describing Consumer Markets and Behaviour, focusing on the Personal factors of consumers. The specific discussion was on Family, and how different stages of our lifes are segmented for proper targeting of marketers. Sounds very inhuman? Well, I expected it to be cold to our feelings but instead we started with a couple in a relationship to their marriage then kids then retirement and so on…in the process he moved the whole class towards how important we are to our parents, how the buying decisions for parents change and how everything our parents do is in a way focus on our well being…we’ll by the end of the class I could see people in tears.
I didnt know that Marketing as a subject could also bring out tears….


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