Management Funda

Here’s what MBA is all about:

  1. Identifying the problem
  2. Finding solution alternatives
  3. Evaluating and analysing the alternatives
  4. Implementing the best alternative

Yes, this same sequence of operations is a part of Case Analysis, Orgy Behaviour,


2 thoughts on “Management Funda

  1. First of all look at your needs then it will become a problem for you becoz According to Maslow’s theory of Motivation every one is having five stages of motivation in their lives we can defined it as five needs of human it cud be either Psychological or Physical every one find the alter solution of this problem as per their way of living, Atitutude, Behaviour, Learning, Perception and Ofcourse Past Experince. So now you hav a problem Just think about it you will find the answer coz it might happen that whatever i wrote here that cudn’t match as per your Belives or Atitude. So What You Say

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