Stayin’ Alive

Exam cram! Okay, so we got another two set of FC papers tomorrow couple with a class in Spanish. Yups, am trying my hand at Spanish and am doing a bad job at it.

Anyhow, there is goes, the third week here. Introduction to a few more cool professors and a few not so cool ones. Am already in a sleep deficit, I sooo long to sleep 8 hours at a stretch but I dont think there is any respite coming my way anytime soon.

Yesterday for the first time ever in life, I dozed off in the Economics lecture. Sitting right up there in the front row, I dozed off when two of my classmates were presenting something. I wonder what the topic of the presentation was…

More projects and presentations seem to be now trying to pile up…as one of our Professor’s said, Its the third week of rebellion!


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