Keep Moving Forward

Pune BlogCamp started today right here in Symbiosis Infotech Campus, yet despite my desire to get there, I cannot possibly go there because of the impending crises of work.

Just gave my Principles of Management Exam, I was out of the hall within 15 minutes, yeah I didnt know anything. I hope my exceptional hueristic skills combined with my uncanny common logic sees me through this one.

So as I came out very early, I just grabbed this opportunity to be online.

A funny incident of yesterday, my group member Anoop who sits next to me in lectures is a real cool and tension free guy, he generally ends up coming Just In Time (picked up this JIT inventory model jargon) to the class, however yesterday he missed his attendance for a class as he was late by a whisker! Never losing hope, he went to the admin block to get things mended after the lecture ended, and in the process missed the attendance of the second class too before he came back! Finally he didnt get attendance for both of them!

Its time to go off again…for the race never ends here….atleast not till April 20, 2009


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