Hard. Harder. Hardly

Yup, those are the words of our Marketing Management professor describing our study efforts in the beginning of the course. While all of us are already cribbing seeing the workload and the first set of exams scheduled just round the corner, I have an inspiration here to talk about. In our college we have a fellow student who is visually impaired, and his best source of study is classroom lectures, and his computer where the software JAWS helps him in his studies.

Its strange that we cry for the lack of time, whereas he has to have etext notes to study instead of our textbooks and photocopied notes; while we use a mouse he uses a keyboard. Using JAWS isn’t the easiest way to use a computer, it requires a lot of repititive steps and the user has to be very very attentive with his ears. Hats of to him who can be a manager while managing his disability. As said earlier in one of my posts, we are still to cover a lot of distance to make computing easier for the differently abled.


One thought on “Hard. Harder. Hardly

  1. yes, hats off to him….Such courageous people are a great source of inspiration to all of us and dude u know what?
    I thing you are a part of a gr8 institution that realises its responsibilties towards society….


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