The game begins…

Its 7 days since I came to Pune to SCMHRD, and have again “managed” to sneak some time out to write. Its a sorry state of things to see my blog viewership plummeting low owing to the lack of updates from my end.

Lets go back to how things are here, 18 subjects, 7 days a week, daily rain and morning physical exercise. Phew! I barely get to sleep 5 hours a day, and while its just 7 days it feels as if its been a long long time since I came here. Don’t get me wrong, the pressure and the workload are planned, perhaps the first step to be a manager is managing time for yourself.  The outcome of this sudden surge of assignments and study load of subjects I know nothing about is the lack of socializing from my end, and I have even to time to feel sorry for it.

The day starts at 5.30 AM when we drag ourselves out of our cosy beds to go for the morning physical sessions of yoga, aerobics or gym. At 7 AM we return to the hostel to take a short nap(varies from people to people!), then again get ready for the college around 8-8.30 AM and are back for classes by 9 AM. The schedule is tight with lectures of 2 hours each and yours truly being assigned a seat on the front row. Its tough to stay attentive all the time, we break for lunch at 1.10 PM and just manage to eat and return by 1.40 to prepare for the next class.

God forbid, if we get any free time then the director ensures that it is utilised. By the end of the day we have reading and working assignments in our hands, already adding on to my list of tasks to be completed with a deadline. The rest of the time takes in coping up with it all, we return to hostel by 9 PM and are back to prepare for the next day. The day(as of now) closes around 0030 hours.

Sounds busy, and it is surely busy. Staying on top of it is a very tough job…but I do know that it makes me realise the importance of every minute I have been wasting till now.

Its time to sign off and catch up on Statistics. Cya


5 thoughts on “The game begins…

  1. Dude am a senior of urs frm scmhrd and came across ur blog……….dont worry just chill…where ur assignmets are concerned……Am writing a blog myself…… not as regualr as u………..but its fun all the same…………

  2. Hi
    I have given my interview for SCMHRD and am waiting for my results . can u throw some light on the weightage given to SNAP score , acads and GD/PI for final selection

  3. Hi

    Myself selected for 2008 -10 batch and they have already started rolling out online assignments. Now half of my time goes in studying and rest in MAKIN an integeral sign in MS WOrd. Can you tell me are all these assignmenst really worth??? I mean i ve not jkoined college yet n nite outs ve started. Was it there for you guys as well ????

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