Fair Play

There I am, back to my place at Lucknow, and also back to a Dial Up Internet connection. Well, I had just forgotten how terrible it always was using a Dial Up, and thanks to the bright people at BSNL, I cannot expect to have a Broadband connection at home till the time I goto Pune!

Now to the main topic, I used to crib a lot looking at buses in Bangalore having numbers and places written in Kannada, it used to be so inconvienent to me who doesn’t understand the language. I used to mutter that they should atleast write in English numerals, but then I was so biased! In the past week I could see that forms at the bank were totally in Hindi, BSNL customer care is in Hindi, all bus numbers and places in UP are written only in Hindi. Now while Hindi is the national language, a big number of us don’t understand it, and this makes it so inconvenient for the southwallahs who come over here.

Forgive me guys, its all fair game. You choose your language and we choose ours, there is no solution to this divide!


3 thoughts on “Fair Play

  1. Thats how we Bharat wasis glorify oursleves saying “Unity in Diversity”. But all of us very well know who is at the suffering end.
    Whichever state (I mean the geographical one) one is in, the natives would want him to learn their language. For the sake of getting along pleasantly. Be it North, East, West or South.
    And to add to this Indians have the most diverse number of lingos. 🙂

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