Weekend’s Wonderful

Okay, the weekend isn’t over yet. But I have already had my bit of fun and tragedies within till this point of time. I met a few of my former colleagues for the movie Bheja Fry, it was the second time I saw it and I still enjoyed it. I also had this sudden reflection that the lead actor Vinay was acting just like Mr Beans albiet with spoken dialogues thrown in.

Post the movie we drifted for lunch, which unfortunately wasn’t too enjoyable, we then parted off and they gave me a parting gift. It felt so good and sad as well to leave those wonderful people behind.

After that I returned to the mall and met an old school friend of mine after around 12 years, it was amazing. That guy hasn’t changed a bit, and despite all those years we felt so comfortable talking. Done with the meeting, I returned home where another school time buddy of mine came over, and we just chatted for a while. Later we met another group of people in the evening and went for a pizza. I then returned home, and ended my day by talking and messaging friends.

Today being mother’s day, I called up mom and wished her. Then I started out making plans to meet people today, which ended up on the rough side with a friend of mine. Then I ended up online and am just writing this entry.


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