For one more day

Nope, I am not going to write a review on For one more day by Mitch Albom here. This is about the one more day left at my first job at Accenture. I still remember the tension and anxiety of us all when the results of our campus placements were being declared in September 2004. Back then, Accenture was perhaps the most sought after company to work for at my college.

Within a few days of placement I was so obsessed with the organization that I had the Accenture screen-saver on my PC, my computer’s name on the hostel LAN was ‘the accenturian’ and I used to lap up any available information about it. With this obsession I joined it in June 2k5, and now almost two years later its time to move on.

It was a good time here, and I do not regret not getting selected last year for admissions, because in the last 12 months I learned a lot of things here which I would never be taught in any B School.

People question me, how can you leave your job for studies, how does it feel letting go of the ‘independent life’ and a good paycheck. The truth is, it feels good to go back to college. While leaving a job may seem difficult, but I am fine with the opportunity cost involved to pursue my management studies, its not scary at all. However, this first job shall always remain special to me.

Come tomorrow evening, and I shall be jobless again.


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