Lets Meet!

It was a long tiring day which started with a couple of hours of cricket, and is soon going to end up with my writing up this post. We had a scheduled Senior Junior meet of SCMHRD students at CCD Indira Nagar, Bangalore. I reached there a bit late, with Indira Nagar being nearly 12 kilometers from my house here in Bangalore.

To my utter surprise, I could see just the four of us juniors joining from bangalore, and were outnumbered by around 13-14 of our seniors who are currently doing summers here in Bangalore. It was a fun experience, accentuated by the fact that the fourth of us juniors actually turned out to be an alumni of SCMHRD, well, she was too good in acting up as if she was soon going to join with us. That was a nice prank played on us and we did fall for it.

It was a nice meeting lasting around couple of hours with us launching a battery of questions about the college and college life at SCMHRD. We were pulled into footing the bill, but our seniors were nice enough in the end to dutch in all the amount. With all the gyan and gupshup we parted around 2 PM to do better things in the day.

Am looking forward to see them again on 15th June at Pune!


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