Spidey is Back

Okay so here goes, I managed to book the first-day-first-show ticket for Spiderman 3, and it turned out to be a bit disappointing for me. The jam packed Multiplex with people whisteling at the entry of Toby McGuire and Kristen Dunst, it felt that it shall be an awesome experience, with die-hard Spidey fans all around.

However, the movie turned out to be just okay(I am sure plenty would differ from my opinion). It was a bit long, with too many villians and a story focusing so much on relationships, Peter’s character, and his love life. I was really expecting a lot of action, which unfortunately was reserved till the end of the movie.

You can seen alien material, new Goblin(thts Harry Osborne), Sandman and Venom as the main negative characters. The SFX are really good, and live up to the name, but I still don’t get it, did they really have a $200 million budget on this one!


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