Monkey Trouble

Big Banyan

It was a boorish weekend, I didn’t do anything of consequence at all. Didn’t study either! Having said that, I shall post about a short trip me and a colleague of mine made to the Big Banyan on the Mysore Road in Bangalore.

We intended to drive to Mysore, but around 30 kilometers from the city, we changed our plans to visit a relatively unknown picnic spot called as the Big Banyan, which actually refers to an old Banyan tree said to be around four hundred years old spread over 4 acres of land.

In the sweltering Sun, the shade of the tree came as a respite, and we took a bench under the cool shade. We could notice a number of members of the simian family taking rounds at the park. As I was describing the dislike I had for Monkeys to my colleague and how I had troubled the brutes with my air gun and pellets in my childhood, a small member of the same group just came near me. It scowled, and I felt that maybe she knows the atrocities I committed at her brethren years ago. For no provocation on my behalf, it just came up and sat next to me on the bench, needless to say I was suddenly very alert. We decided to get up and move, and that’s when the monkey lunged forward and indicated that it wanted a sip of the Minute Made Orange Juice which my colleague held in his hands. We threw the bottle and moved ahead, laughing and wondering why the animal first scowled at me when I never had the bottle with me in the first place.

So long, the return trip was cooler and nice, and we were home by six. Hope to post the pics soon(without the monkey)!


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