Dostpost – What’s your dream?

Yesterday, I had this wonderful opportunity to have a talk with David Gardner of, it was a part of my field assignments for MBA.

I was amazed to notice the risk that David took by leaving, professional Basketball to come to India and start Dostpost with a couple of his friends from Dartmouth College (that reminds of about Thomas Kurtz and George Kemeny!).

Coming back to Dostpost, the first assumption(not impression) I had was that it shall be just another Social networking website, but it wasn’t just so. Its an attempt to provide a platform for individuals to express their dreams, collaborate with people with similar aim, and work towards turning it to a reality.

I can already notice a lot of activity going on in it, with people wishing to be an MBA and others trying to help on various areas of preparation. There is more to Dostpost than just the Dreams, there is a whole section on Projects where people can collaborate on academic projects together, there is a section on Scholarships on offer, and you can upload videos.

Being a techie, I can only fathom the amount of effort which would have gone to develop Dostpost from scratch! It must be having one hell off a data model to work with(social networking framework is very tough, see this!)

Hats off to the Dostpost team for really believing in their dream, and giving us an opportunity to push ours!


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