I’m happy because I got my Lappy

It’s finally here with me, my first post through my laptop!

Well, being a Geek, I need nothing more than a new computer to give me an adrenaline rush! I had ordered my Dell Inspiron 1501 on 12th April and it arrived to me within just 8 days. Thats awfully good because they promised to deliver within 15 days, however their site Order Tracking still shows it to be in transit 😉

Now this machine runs on Windows Vista Home Premium, and unfortunately Vista didn’t really turn out to be great(there are plenty others who would differ from me). The AERO Interface just felt like a frills feature, with nothing really special to offer in terms of functionality above Windows XP + SP2 . To top it, the computer has already shown me the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) a few times, and I have absolutely no clue as to why it happens. I have already done a small research on it and can notice that this might be a common problem which users face due to n number of reasons (makes me remember Windows 98 days).

Have already run the Memory Diagnostic with no issues, lets see how Micro$oft helps me find whats wrong!

PS-You cannot create a folder named Prn in Vista (I discovered it, but I don’t know whether its a feature or bug)


7 thoughts on “I’m happy because I got my Lappy

  1. Hi Ankur,
    Congo for the lappy. As i am also R&Ding for laptop since last 2-3 months, i am curious to know about the configuration you have taken and how much does it cost to you.
    If you dont mind sharing with everybody then simply reply by commenting here, else reply me at nitinrajnigam@gmail.com

  2. Hi Nitin,

    I took a Dell Inspiron 1501. It has:
    AMD Turion X2 TL50 (1.6 GHz)
    15.4″ Monitor
    1 GB RAM
    Windows Vista Premium
    ATI Radeon Mobility X1150 Integrated card(256 MB Shared)
    120 GB Drive @ 5400 RPM
    1 year next day onsite support
    WiFi + Ethernet + 56kbps Internal Modem(no bluetooth)

    It came for around Rs.48.5K
    Thats all.

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