School’s Back

Have you ever noticed this at workplace?

Its 9 AM in the morning and the morning shuttles are flowing in the office compound, spilling out an endless stream of techies reporting for work, surprisingly there is sad gloom on their faces with nobody conversating!

Lets change the scene now, its 6 PM, the same office, the staircases are jampacked with people rushing home, chatting and laughing. This was the same gloomy lot of the morning!

It reminds me of my school days, when I had to literally drag myself to school in the morning, but my joy knew no bounds at the final bell, which used to tell that now I could be back at home.

Aren’t we still at school?


3 thoughts on “School’s Back

  1. seriously…. schools were better. people used to care. and the most important thing was they had to shut at 5. are there any timings followed here… its just the crowd which is similar here and nothing else… but still school crowd used to be more enthusiastic and fun loving…

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