In the movie serendipity Kate Beckinsale believes in serendipity, while Kevin spacey doesn’t. While what I write below is not related to the movie, it is related to two individuals separated by a thousand miles, yet, linked in a way.

This is about an online friend whom I added to my Yahoo! Messenger list last year. The whole reason behind it was to prepare for GD/PI of the common MBA colleges we both had been shortlisted into. There was no reason for her to add me or vice versa, but it just happened to discuss about the second round of the entrance process. Unfortunately for the both of us, we didnt clear it, and decided to try again for the course which we both similarly aspired to be in.

The girl in question was/is a cool person, very frank and loves to pull my leg on different issues. The last year went in daily chat sessions across the country in our respective offices comparing notes on MBA schools, life, relationships and what not. Her focus being the Asian B Schools and mine being the Indian ones, we had our own share of tough times with work pressure, and studies. Despite everything, the day never used to be complete without a chat between the two of us.

Recently, while I secured admission in SCMHRD(the same college which rejected both of us last year), I was still vary and uncomfortable that she hadn’t got her admission, and seemed to get bothered with it. However, God showed the link, just a day before she got her admission call from the B School she aspired to be in. Our targets were complete.

I don’t know why we met, why we both had to fail the last time, why the link still didnt fade, and finally why the positive outcomes came within a difference of a few days only. Maybe thats what fate is all about…isn’t it?


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