Doors and Decisions

Life is cruel with sadistic streaks in it

The reason behind the above statement is the recent occurings in my otherwise peaceful and inconsequential existance. While as mentioned in the post below, I secured admission in one of the better B Schools of this country after a lot of effort and attempts, and was fairly satisfied with the outcome. However, Life chose to present me a jumble, so that the decision making may not be as smooth. The propostion in place is a possible chance for a long term work opportunity outside India, in my Organization, this is a dream come true. Also it brings in a lot of money, and there goes my poor little mind wondering whats better!

A friend of mine reflected(, she said that life is like that Finite Automata’s concept of State Models. The idea is, that you have a decision to make, and when you make a choice, you move to a new state. The path from this point is totally independent or different from the path offered had your decision been otherwise. In simpler words, when we have a decision to make in life, depending on the decision, the whole course of life changes and would never be similar had the decision been different. Its like shooting off in a different direction.

With this Gyan, I shall sign off to my thoughts….


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