Back from the roots

Am back, returned from Kanpur and Lucknow (if you don’t know about these cities try Wikieing them!) on Wednesday the 21st February.

Home @ Lucknow

On the personal front it was a fruitful trip back home; could meet my cousins and grandparents after more than two years. Was lucky enough to meet my parents as well.

I could spend some useful hours and had fruitful discussions with my 82 year old Grandfather. Something which I always missed; it was good about discussing life and its learnings with him. It amazed me that there is always so much to talk to and learn whenever I interact with him.

 Anyways, coming back to the main purpose of the visit; well; the whole thing was quite disappointing. Had my Interview for MBA studies at IIT Kanpur; and the only thing the professors were interested in was my Differential Calculus skills, which I was not really in touch with. It was a very unique experience and I can still not relate that how can my calculus abilities justify my admission in MBA. Afterall I had not applied for MS program!

Nevertheless, it definitely was a fruitful visit to the roots.

God has been kind with me; and on this Saturday 24th of February I cleared admission rounds for one of the B Schools I had tried my luck on. Hopefully, this year I shall begin my Post Grad Studies; a dream finally to be realised.



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