Excessive Innocence

A post at PagalGuy.com on one of the MBA entrance exam results and the likes:

I have scored Rank 55 in entrance exam, would I get a call from XYZ institute?
Thanks in advance,
Innocent Jerk

How innocent of the guy, querying whether he would get calls from a group of institutes which boast of over 800 seats! An honest reply shall be,

Stop posing off  Innocent Jerk, you know it well enough that you shall get a call from all those institutes at that rank. Just don’t mock us lesser mortals who have got a lower rank than you.

The above query phenomenon is not new, there are plenty of people acting so innocent that would put a Kindergarten kid to shame.


2 thoughts on “Excessive Innocence

  1. ha ha ha …few days back even I was pondering over the same thing.
    would like to add to that…
    there are two kinds of people who post their profiles on such forums—1)those who know they have exceptionally good proflies


    2) others who are very desperate and need some consolation.

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