Super Size Me!

Today I came across a Discussion on Junk Food; and someone mentioned a movie ‘Super Size Me’. It kicked up my curiosity and I surfed up on the same.

This crazy guy Morgan Spurlock decided to subside on McDonalds junk food for 30 days 3 times a day; he started as a healthy 33 year old and by the end of the month he had gained over 11 kg, was at a high risk of liver damage.

Not satisfied enough; I went further down to YouTube to have a look at the clips from the movie…and I was shocked and surprised.

In one of the clips; Morgan interviews a few school kids. He shows them a pictures ofGeorge Washington which a few could recognize, he then shows the the picture of Jesus Christ, surprisingly none of them could recognize him, and then he pulled out the picture of Ron MacDonald, the result was as expected, they all could instantly recognize their favorite icon in the Junk World!

The movie was nominated for the best Academy Award Documentary in 2004, its really a shocking outcome contrary to what the big corporations claim.

While the movie is in an American Setting; the results are applicable to all of us around the Globe, this isn’t about McDonald’s but for all junk food.

Today I decide to ditch McDonalds food except for its Ice Creams….do view the trailer.

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