Sandisk Sansa e250 Review

Sandisk Sansa e250 MP3 Player

Sandisk e250 MP3 Player Rocks!

Features like Radio, Recording and Video. Expandible Memory.

Slow start up time. Only MP3 storage allowed in external memory card.

The product designers at Sandisk must have bought an iPod Nano; tested it for a couple of months and listed down everything that it lacked, and decided to add them in their MP3 Player. For all that iPod Lacks is present in Sansa e200 series of MP3 Players.

I got my Sansa e250 (2GB) in November, and have been extremely content with its FM Radio(not available in Europe), Video Playback, Audio Recording, Photos and of course Music Playback.

The sound quality is good; with two amplification modes should you choose to you a speaker instead. However, the earphones lack the sturdiness that comes with an iPod.

Currently it supports MP3/WMA. The Player comes with a conversion software which can be used to convert Photos and Videos for the player.

This back baby with 1.8 inch display and a brighy click wheel is a stunner. The Clickwheel has tiny ridges which help scrolling and is more comfortable than that of an iPod.

One of the great features of the Player is the ability to use it like a USB drive or a Media Player Synched device; this is something which iPod doesnt feature. Moreover, it doesnt convert the MP3 file names to four-lettered files the way an iPod does.

The battery backup is good, i tried to use the player for around 14 hours without recharge and it worked without a glitch.

I did notice a few product defects while trying to use Sansa, but the available Firmware upgrade on Sandisk website resolved them too. Currently it supports Rhapsody from Real for MP3 Download. All in all a good buy with a Competitive Price (I got it for 104$). This sure is an iPod Nano killer!


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